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AUG AR-15 FCG Conversion Pack (3D Printed)

AUG AR-15 FCG Conversion Pack (3D Printed)

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**note** lead times can be UP TO 2 weeks. We try to keep extras in stock. 

 Designed with 3-D printing in mind, the AR-15 FCG conversion for the AUG drops into the original or printed trigger pack housing and provides a lighter trigger break than other AUG triggers on the market. With a short travel and light 3-4 pound trigger break and extremely short travel when built as described, the trigger conversion is an extremely noticeable improvement over the stock FCG. Trigger has multiple adjustments, with an adjustable trigger break position, adjustable trigger return force, and an adjustable overtravel stop. AR-15 FCG pin holes are reinforced with stainless steel inserts to avoid malfunctions caused by the printed plastic parts wearing over time. Drop safe when the AUG trigger is on safe.

There are options to include a printed housing using the same carbon-fiber reinforced nylon, or semi-transparent polycarbonate. There's also an options SLM printed bolt hold open. How-ever you can opt to use your existing BHO if you desire.

These products were originally designed as accessories for the NylAUG, a project utilizing surplus AUG parts kits. These parts have been test fitted on factory semi-auto AUG's. The files for these projects will be available upon the NylAUG's release.

NOTE: Like with most trigger-pack modifications for the AUG, the drop-safety is something to keep in mind of. While we've been unable to get the pack to fire with the manual trigger safety ENGAGED, depending on how you adjust your trigger pack rods, the pack may be able to be fired when dropped, with the safety disengaged due to the actual AUG trigger moving backwards. A separate modification is being worked on to address this issue. 

Disclaimer: This product is not manufactured, authorized, endorsed, or warranted by STEYR ARMS, Inc. STEYR ARMS, Inc. does not warrant or represent that this product is compatible with Steyr firearms. Titus 3D2A Parts is not associated in any way with STEYR ARMS, INC. Firearms can be lethal if not properly used or maintained. Assembly or installation of firearm parts and components should be performed by a qualified gunsmith. Product is provided without any warranty, express or implied.

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